Don’t Waste It. Taste It.

Edible spoons, edible cutlery and sustainable plastic alternatives made from 100% natural ingredients.
No food waste, but vegan and plastic free. An edible spoon for a sustainable future.


Due to optimizing our recipe over and over again you can even eat our sustainable cutlery after using it. As a result, we have developed an edible spoon that contains no animal ingredients.


Our edible spoons are based on 100% natural raw materials. We use biogenic residuals from the food industry. Therefore we produce a sustainable value chain for our edible spoons.

plastic free

Plastic sucks! With our edible cutlery we offer sustainable plastic alternatives. In 2021 single-use plastic will finally be banned throughout Europe. Be sustainable, eat Spoontainable!

Known by:

Essbare Löffel

Ice Cream Spoons

Our goal is to establish edible cutlery and sustainable plastic alternatives in the catering industry. For this purpose we use 100% natural resources.

Are you looking for an innovative plastic alternative? You want to use sustainable cutlery in your gastronomy? You've come to the right place! At Spoontainable you will find edible cutlery made from sustainable and 100% natural resources. Without plastic and even edible.

360 million plastic spoons

Every year, more than 360 million plastic ice cream spoons end up in the trash after only being used once. In addition, there are plastic forks, knives and spoons. These quantities cause an incredible pollution to the environment.

unused biogenous residuals

Tons of unused residues from food processing accrue every year. These are generated during the processing of grain, fruit or other goods. We use these valuable substances in order to generate a sustainable circular economy.

plastic ban in 2021

Single-use plastic will be banned in the European Union until 2021. This includes disposable cutlery or plastic dishes. We have developed the most sustainable plastic alternative.

Essbares Besteck als nachhaltige Plastikalternative


Our sustainable alternatives for plastic include the first edible ice cream spoon and other edible cutlery.

We use biogenic materials for the production of our sustainable and edible spoons. These are, for example, food fibers from the food industry. They are full of valuable fiber and provide the necessary stability.

Our product are made in Germany! Our value chain should also be as sustainable as possible. This is why we offset all CO2 emissions through a water conservation project in India.

With our plastic-free ice cream spoon, eating ice cream becomes a very special experience. By avoiding plastic, you not only care about the environment. You offer your customers a sustainable and edible plastic alternative.

Spoonie choc
Nachhaltiges Besteck
You want to use the Spoonie as a sustainable and edible plastic alternative? Wondering where you can buy edible spoons? Write us a message by using the contact form or order directly:

We will make you an offer and send you further information and prices.


Plastic? No, thanks. Spoontainable offers sustainable cutlery and edible spoons made from 100% natural ingredients.

Edible, sustainable and naturally plastic-free.

Where can I get Spoontainable?


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Gimme Gelato: 52.509200, 13.288700
Marie feines Eis & Kaffee: 50.127200, 8.706480
Eis Fontanella: 49.489600, 8.467240
Die Eisheiligen: 50.451400, 9.914220
Eismanufaktur zeitgEISt : 48.216038, 16.378984
Thildas Eis: 49.875100, 8.658580
Gelateria Rizzardini: 48.216038, 16.378984
Vana Eis - Die Manufaktur: 48.812800, 9.274200
Vana Eis - Die Manufaktur: 48.216038, 16.378984
Eiscafé art & wEISe: 51.116400, 6.886140
Oecher`s Glühweintreff: 50.754900, 6.087810
Bäuerliche Erzeugergemeinschaft Schwäbisch Hall: 49.110000, 9.790970
Eisprinzessinnen: 53.550100, 9.911610
Madeleine und der Seemann Eiscafé: 52.504100, 13.480100
Eisbedarf 24: 51.602600, 14.531700
Im Hörnken: 51.173100, 7.972560
Franz Kröger Eisbedarf: 52.730600, 8.261970
Eismanufaktur Mönchengladbach: 51.197100, 6.430520
Hygge Unverpackt: 54.800300, 9.397730
Gelateria Italiana: 48.671400, 9.376490
N\'Eis: 49.994800, 8.279860
N\'Eis: 50.005900, 8.259380
Tropical Eiscafé Brietlingen: 53.325600, 10.442200
Gartenwirtschaft Johanneshof: 49.341200, 8.509740
Dolce and Amare: 50.365400, 8.737940
Eispavillion Purkarthofer: 46.973900, 15.501100
Eisprinz Mario: 47.156100, 9.822490
Eisprinz Mario: 47.426400, 9.739080
Mirtilli Gelato: 48.196000, 15.905800
Eiscafe Capri Karlsruhe: 49.010600, 8.396700
Recker Feinkost: 52.612800, 8.447000
Eisrausch: 48.399000, 9.995500
Starnberger Eiswerkstatt: 47.998100, 11.342500
ok kool: 49.422900, 8.649000
Eiszeit 1986: 52.164400, 10.541000
Delzepich Eis: 53.574700, 10.021800
N\'ICE: 54.330700, 10.121100
Erna & Käthe: 52.263600, 10.547500
Die Eisfrei: 48.808100, 8.945360
Gelato Monaco: 48.137400, 11.575500
Schmelzpunkt: 49.411500, 8.705110
LISEIS: 54.316000, 10.126300
Eiscafé Artusa: 51.716300, 8.748960
Gelateria da Nunzio: 49.431400, 10.969900
Eiscafé Two Seasons: 49.509900, 6.745490
Schräglage: 48.782300, 9.177020


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Climatepartner Label