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Ciao Plastic. Hi Spoonie!

Eat ice cream, eat spoons, avoid waste. Plastic is out of date; we revolutionize the gastronomy with 100% natural ingredients. Discover now our edible ice cream spoons, edible cutlery and more sustainable plastic alternatives made out of 100% rescued shells.No Food Waste but vegan and plastic free. 

An edible spoon for a sustainable future.

Don’t Waste It. Taste It.

Twirl it like it's hot!

Edible spoons were just the beginning! Welcome to the Spoontainable family Twirly 👋🏽. Because from now on, your favorite hot beverage will no longer be stirred with plastic or a wooden stirrer. With our Twirly we will spice up your cappuccino, tea or coffee experience. Stir, enjoy your Twirly and then your beverage .

You don't leave any unnecessary waste behind, because even our Twirly is up cycled, and edible as well. By the way, our edible stir stick is also made from rescued cocoa shells, therefore vegan and gluten-free. 🤩. 

Twirl. Eat. Drink. 

Don’t Waste It. Twirl It.


Our sustainable and edible spoons can be eaten after use. Because our recipe consists of 100% natural ingredients. The basis is rescued cocoa shells, which we process into our edible spoons.


Our edible ice cream spoon is made from 100% natural raw materials. We rescue peel scraps from the food industry. This ensures sustainable production for our edible spoons and stirrers.

plastic free

Plastic sucks! With our edible cutlery we offer sustainable plastic alternatives. By July 03, 2021, single-use plastic will finally be banned across Europe! Be sustainable, eat spoontainable!

Edible Spoons

Disposable plastic? No thanks! We have developed something more sustainable and crispy. Our edible spoon, the Spoonie, is THE sustainable plastic alternative for the gastronomy. For this we use 100% natural resources. By saving shells from the cocoa and cereal industry, we conjure up edible ice cream spoons. And the best thing: after eating the ice cream, you can also eat our spoon 😎! 

You are also looking for an innovative plastic alternative? You want to use edible ice cream spoons in your ice cream parlor or restaurant?

Then you've come to the right place! At Spoontainable you'll find edible cutlery made from sustainable and 100% natural raw materials. Without plastic and even edible.

Eislöffel Spoonie classic mit Eis

Our customers: 


"Brilliant idea and great implementation! The perfect alternative to plastic spoons!"

Alisa – Brandnooz Tester


"First thought it was a cocoa powder and was not at all excited until I saw that they are edible chocolate spoons. How awesome is that? (And delicious!)"

Candycat – Brandnooz Tester


“Könnte ich 100 Punkte vergeben, würde ich es tun. Nicht nur die Idee ist mega auch der Geschmack.”

Ktrin08520 – Brandnooz Tester


"Great idea, especially for parties!"

Heischi – Brandnooz Tester

360 million plastic spoons

Every year, more than 360 million plastic ice cream spoons end up in the trash after only being used once. In addition, there are plastic forks, knives and spoons, that increase the amount of waste. These quantities pollute the environment immensely.

unused raw materials

Tons of unused raw materials from food processing are produced every year. These arise during the processing of grain, fruit or other goods. We use these valuable resources and develop plastic alternatives from them.

plastic ban in 2021

In 2021, single-use plastic will be banned in the European Union. This also includes cutlery made from bioplastics. Therefore we have developed what is probably the most sustainable plastic alternative. Discover our edible spoons for ice cream, dessert and more!

Edible cutlery

Our edible cutlery is one of our sustainable alternatives for plastic. Because with our edible ice cream spoon, we are taking the first step towards a more sustainable future. 

For the production of our sustainable and edible spoons, we rescue shells from chocolate production. We then process them into fibres. These are then fibres from the cocoa bean, for example. Or those of the oats. They are full of valuable fibre and provide the necessary stability. #dontwasteittasteit

Our products are Made in Germany! Our value chain should also be as sustainable as possible. This is why we offset all CO2 emissions through a water conservation project in India.

Prefer classic or cocoa? Our edible spoons come in two different varieties and sizes. Discover now our variations and different types of spoons.

With our plastic-free ice cream spoon, eating ice cream becomes a very special experience. Without plastic you not only care for the environment. You offer your customers a sustainable and edible plastic alternative.

Skip the waste, enjoy the taste. 

Our edible spoon goes perfectly with ice cream, dessert or coffee. 

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Essbare Rührstäbchen

Oder wie wäre es mit unseren essbaren Rührstäbchen? Entdecke unsere Besteckalternativen für deine Gastronomie. Du fragst dich, where you can buy edible spoons? Then contact us via the contact formular or order directly via mail:

We will provide you with an individual offer and will also be happy to send you further information and prices.


Plastic? No, thanks! Spoontainable offers sustainable cutlery and edible spoons made from 100% natural ingredients.

Edible, sustainable and - of course - plastic-free.

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Climatepartner Label