Edible Ice Cream Spoons

as a sustainable plastic alternative

Spoontainable stands for 100% sustainable resource use. For our sustainable plastic alternative, the edible spoon, we save shells from the food industry. This is because tons of residual materials from food processing are produced every year that are not used efficiently. We use the fibers and make our sustainable and edible spoons. You can buy our edible spoons here.

One of our first product categories is edible cutlery. The edible ice cream spoon has been on the market since April 2019 and since then we have been able able to replace more than 5 million plastic ice cream spoons. But edible spoons were just the beginning. Last year we launched our edible stirrers!

Edible Stirrers

Twirly choc

The fact that we are not fans of disposable plastic and that disposable cutlery is banned in the EU since July 2021 is probably known to everyone by now 🎉 . But what we dislike almost as much is the unpleasant taste of wood before we want to drink our coffee after mixing it with a little milk and sugar. 

But that's over now too! We welcome the Twirly choc to our Spoontainable family 👋🏽. Our edible stirrer is as cool, as sustainable and practical as it sounds. 

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The Twirly goes perfectly with coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Simply stir your favourite hot drink with the Twirly and then enjoy it as an additional snack. Because our edible stirrer is a biscuit and stirrer in one!

Cappuccino mit Twirly choc Dose
Twirly choc
Essbare Rührstäbchen

Edible Spoon

Spoonie choc

Crispy, vegan and gluten-free. Our first edible ice cream spoon is the Spoonie choc. The fibres of the cocoa shell provide a natural cocoa taste. In addition, the spoonie is super stable and lasts at least 60 minutes in the ice cream or dessert.

👉🏻 Fits perfectly with ice cream, dessert or coffee 🍦 ☕ 🍨

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The Spoonie choc doesn't melt at warm temperatures and it tastes like a delicious, crunchy cocoa cookie. But the best thing about the edible spoon:

With each of our edible spoons you offer your customers an sustainable and climate-neutral alternative to a plastic spoon. And after the ice cream, there's an extra snack. The spoon can simply be eaten after the ice creamWhat's better than a crispy finish to a delicious ice cream? And all this is Made in Germany!

Spoonie choc Essbare Löffel mit Eis
Essbare Löffel
Spoonie choc in der Dose

Where can I buy edible spoons? You can order our Spoonies directly from the online shop and from selected retailers. Please ask directly where you can get our Spoonies. 

Edible Spoon

Spoonie choc L

Larger for even more scoops of ice cream 😍. The Spoonie choc L ist unsere neue und größere Sorte des essbaren Löffels. Die Basis bilden gemahlene Haferschalen, die Ballaststoffe enthalten. Der Spoonie choc L ist die größere Variante des Spoonie choc S und perfekt für mehr als 2 Kugeln Eis oder größere Schlemmereien. 

👉🏻 Fits perfectly with the large ice cream sundae, bubble waffle 
frozen joghurt 🍦 🍨🧁

Even large portions can now be enjoyed sustainably! With the Spoonie choc L you can enjoy your Frozen Joghurt Becher mit jeder Menge Topping genießen. Oder wird es doch eine Bubble Waffle? Ganz egal, Hauptsache Sustainable with Spoontainable!

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Edible Spoon

Spoonie classic S

Regional, sustainable and vegan. The Spoonie classic is our new variety of edible ice cream spoon. It is based on ground oat hulls, which contain fibre. We process the oat hulls into fibres and use them to make our edible spoon. Because oat fibres are also residual materials from grain processing and are produced in tons every year. 

👉🏻 Fits perfectly with ice cream, dessert or for savoury dips 🍦 ☕ 🥣

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The Spoonie classic is also stable for 60 minutes in liquid desserts and won't melt. If you're not a fan of cocoa, this edible spoon perfect for you. Because after dessert, you can enjoy a crispy snack, which tastes like a delicious oatmeal cookie. 

And the best thing about it: With the Spoonie classic you offer your customers a sustainable plastic alternative, which is also produced clima neutral and is Made in Germany Any questions? Click here. 

Essbare Eislöffel Spoonie classic
Essbare Löffel für Eis
Essbare Eislöffel Spoonie classic

Where can the Spoonie and other edible spoons be purchased? You can get the Spoonie classic directly from our store or from selected dealers.

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Spoonie classic L

Larger for even more scoops of ice cream 😍. The Spoonie classic L is our new and larger variety of edible spoon. It is based on ground oat shells that contain fibre. The Spoonie classic L is the larger version of the Spoonie classics s and perfect for more than 2 scoops of ice cream or savoury dishes. 

👉🏻 Fits perfectly with the large ice cream sundae, bubble waffle or frozen joghurt 🍦 🍨🧁

Even large portions can now be enjoyed sustainably! With the Spoonie classic L you can enjoy your frozen yoghurt cup with lots of toppings. Or even a big bubble waffle. It doesn't matter, as long as it is sustainable with Spoontainable!

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Essbare Eislöffel Spoonie choc L
Spoonie classic L mit Chia Pudding

Edible Straws

Essbare Trinkhalme

Edible Straws

Discover our edible drinking straws! 

Spoontainable's Eiszauber
Eiszauber Spoontainable
Spoontainable's Eiszauber

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