Edible Stirrers

Our sustainable plastic alternative for coffee stirrers enables a step towards a more sustainable future and a cleaner environment. Plastic, paper and wood no longer have a place in our and your favourite hot beverage! Instead, we sweeten your coffee, tea or chai with our chocolatey edible stirrers. The Twirlys are made from cocoa shellswhich we save from disposal. Through Upcycling we process the shells of the cocoa bean into fibres and use them to make our crunchy Twirlys.

Discover now our practical can to reseal, filled with Twirlys .🤩 Perfect for on the go or in your to-go café. 


Our sustainable and edible stirrers can be eaten after use. Because our recipe consists of 100% natural ingredients. The basis is rescued cocoa shells, which we process into our edible spoons.


Our Twirly is made from 100% natural raw materials as we rescue cocoa bean shell residues from the chocolate industry. This ensures a sustainable circular economy for our edible spoons and stirrers. Our CO2 emissions are fully offset by a climate protection project.

plastic free

Plastic sucks! With our edible cutlery we offer sustainable plastic alternatives. Since July 03, 2021, single-use plastic is banned across Europe! To protect the sea and the environment, disposable items such as ToGo cups, stirrers and drinking straws may no longer be handed out.

Cookie and sustainable stirrer in one

Our edible stirrer Twirly not only replaces the plastic, wooden or paper version, but also the delicious biscuit with your coffee! Simply stir your coffee, cappuccino or espresso with the Twirly, lick the milk foam and crunch the stir stick. It doesn't get much more sustainable than that, does it?

1% of plastic waste in the ocean is caused by coffee stirrers.

This one per cent may not sound like much. But if you consider that a whole truckload of plastic is dumped into the sea every minute, that unfortunately adds up to around 215 billion stir sticks*. This amount of plastic just so that we can stir our milk or the sugar in our coffee?

Our stirrer is biodegrabble and therefore decomposes completely within two weeks if it is not eaten.

Source:European Commission, Assessment of measures to reduce marine litter from single use plastics, May 2018

Essbares Kaffeerührstäbchen Cappuccino
Twirly in der Dose

Our stirrers are also available in the practical can to reseal. So you can easily take the Twirlys with you to your next picnic, coffee klatsch or garden party. For fragrant lovers, our Twirlys in a tin are also the perfect gift

Our Twirlys in a can conjure up around 75 sustainable coffee moments. And that even healthy and gluten-free! Because: The shells of the cocoa bean contain hardly any calories, but valuable dietary fibre. In addition, the natural ingredients of the shells be good for the nervous system, kidneys, bladder, heart and pancreas.

Edible stirrers are also available in a can for your home!

Hygienic serving in the gastronomy

For self-service serving in the gastronomy sector, we have developed our own Twirly dispenser Simply turn the knob on the side and receive exactly one Twirly. This hygienic dispenser means customers don't have to miss out on coffee to go and sustainability any more!

Find our dispenser in our Shop!

Twirly Spender

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