Sustainable cutlery for dealers 

like edible spoons for ice cream, dessert, cold dishes and much more or stirrers and straws. Offer your customers truly sustainable alternatives with our Spoontainable products. 

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Sustainable spoons
for ice cream parlors and restaurateurs

Sustainability is no longer a trend, but the future! Offer your customers truly sustainable alternatives like our Spoonies and Twirlys made from rescued cocoa or oat shells. Our Spoonies are made from rescued cocoa shells and therefore from 100% natural ingredients. Vegan, plastic-free and without any food waste. 

An edible spoon for a sustainable future.

Don’t Waste It. Taste It.

Our Spoonies fit perfectly in any ice cream parlor with any ice cream, frozen yogurt, Hubble Waffle or pudding. We also have the perfect solution for coffee to-go: with the Twirly choc you stir your coffee sustainably. 

Why Spoonies and Twirlys fit perfectly into your assortment ...

For cold dishes

Whether ice cream, frozen yogurt, pudding or other cold dishes. The Spoonie classic simply always fits. For cocoa lovers we recommend the Spoonie choc.


Ice cream parlors can offer our sustainable ice cream spoon instead of the decorative wafer, thus saving costs. Because the spoonie can be eaten along.


Our sustainable approach to circular economy allows your customers to offer a truly sustainable alternative and strengthen their image.


Our Spoonies are made from natural ingredients, are vegan and the choc variety is also gluten free.

CO2 neutral

We offset our CO2 footprint through climate projects and are thus climate neutral. 

Essbare und nachhaltige Löffel 

Zahlreiche Eiscafés nutzen bereits unsere Spoonies. Wir bieten unsere essbaren Löffel in zwei verschiedenen Größen und Sorten an. Der Spoonie choc besteht aus geretteten Kakoschalen und schmeckt besonders gut zu fruchtigen Sorten. Wenn du es lieber etwas neutraler magst, empfehlen wir die den Spoonie classic. 

Oder biete deinen Kunden doch gleich beide Sorten an 😏? Wir liefern dir gerne das nötige Marketingmaterial wie Aufsteller und Informationen dazu. 

An edible spoon for a sustainable future.

Essbare Kaffeerührstäbchen
Essbares Kaffeerührstäbchen Cappuccino
Cappuccino mit essbarem Rührstäbchen Twirly

A sustainable partnership
with Spoontainable

As a retailer, you offer your customers truly sustainable solutions with our sustainable cutlery alternatives. Because our products are made in Germany and based on the upcycling approach.

Transparency is not only a top priority in our supply chain; our partnerships are also characterized by open, fair communication. 

Our conditions

We will put together an offer to suit your needs. You benefit from favorable conditions and attractive margins 

We can also arrange our delivery flexibly. Whether it's a drop shipment or direct storage at your location - together we will find the right solution.

We will be happy to provide your customers with our marketing materials, and we will also be happy to train your field staff in the introduction of our products. here Merve has already summarized the most frequent questions in a video for you. 

nachhaltige Eislöffel Spoonie Classic S


Our sustainable and edible spoons can be eaten after use. Because our recipe consists of 100% natural ingredients. The basis is rescued cocoa shells, which we process into our edible spoons.


Our edible spoons are based on 100% natural raw materials. We use biogenic residuals from the food industry. Therefore, we produce a sustainable value chain for our edible spoons.

plastic free

Plastic sucks! With our edible cutlery we offer sustainable plastic alternatives. Since July 03, 2021, single-use plastic is banned across Europe!
Be sustainable, eat Spoontainable!

Numerous partners are already working with us: 

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A sustainable partnership

With attractive conditions, individual solutions for shipping and joint marketing, we offer you a fair and transparent cooperation. Be sustainable, cooperate with Spoontainable!

Sustainable products

Offer your customers sustainable cutlery for ice cream, dessert, frozen yogurt or other cold foods. For coffee, cappuccino and other hot drinks, our Twirly choc.

Plastic ban since 2021

Since 2021, single-use plastic is banned in the European Union. This also includes cutlery made from bioplastics. We have developed what is probably the most sustainable plastic alternative. Discover our edible spoons for ice cream, dessert and more!

Be part of team Spoontainable! #dontwasteittasteit

Do you prefer classic or cocoa? Our edible spoons come in two different flavors and sizes. Discover now our variations and different types of spoons.

With our plastic-free ice cream spoon, eating ice cream becomes a very unique experience. plastic-free ice cream spoon, eating ice cream becomes a very unique experience. By not using plastic, you're not only helping the environment, but also offering your customers a sustainable and edible sustainable and edible plastic alternative

Skip the waste, enjoy the taste. 

Our edible spoon goes perfectly with ice cream, dessert or coffee. 

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