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How to deal with Corona – the bright side

3 Positive effects of corona

As every year, 2019 ended with the budget planning for 2020, the setting of milestones and the scheduling of projects. The motivation could not be greater. But just as great as the anticipation was the disappointment of spring 2020. And that wasn't because of bad weather 🍦. The ice cream season in particular would have boomed, plastic spoons could have been saved, we had big plans. But there is also a positive side of Corona. 

Pläne für 2020?

The invisible enemy has thwarted us, the entire economy, startups and especially the catering industry. After we survived the first shock, crisis management intervened and we implemented the Corona emergency plan so we can sleep through the night again. In order to keep a cool head, we have looked into the positive effects of this exceptional situation. Through Corona, we have not only learned what Social Distancing means and how well a home office works, but also how crisis management works in a start-up .

Our 3 Learnings from Corona

Our first learning from Corona: The improvement of air quality Due to the low pollution of the air by combustion engines, aircraft and other means of transport, the nitrogen content in the air decreases. Satellite images have already shown this in Italy and China. But not only the air quality improves, also in the canals of Venice one finally recognizes some clear water, as there are less tourists. Corona clearly causes a recovery of nature and a short-term positive effect on the climate and the environment. We hope that this will change mobility even more in the direction of e-mobility, sharing models or the tried and tested bicycle. 🚲.

Die Natürlichen erholt sich

Until a month ago, everyday office life was a foreign word for us. Because without an office, we have practically grown up in a home office. And also now with office we discover our second Corona learning : home office works!

3 positive Effekte Corona


We love the flexible way of working, being able to sit at the desk with jogging pants on or to sleep an hour longer (due to the lack of travel, of course). The possibility of accepting the postman's parcel or simply working on the balcony not only increases the pleasure of working, but provides double motivation.But just as we love home office, we know how important communication and personal exchange within the team is. In order to pull in the same direction and achieve work and milestones efficiently, regular exchange and clear objectives are essential. Thanks to tools like Slack, To-Do or Whereby, the exchange also functions virtually smoothly. 

We are looking forward to working together again and to enjoying a scoop of ice cream and the gossip of the weekend.

Plastic alternatives searched! This is our third learning.

The support of ice-cream parlors, restaurateurs and retailers through pre-orders in the to-go package is incredibly important and motivating. However, this also increases single-use plastic consumption. The short-term high consumption of plastic has a negative impact on the environment, especially if disposed of incorrectly - and bioplastics cannot yet be considered a sustainable plastic alternative. So, the more we think about the virus, the more the awareness for environment, nature and health increases. Only the use of residual materials can probably be truly sustainable. At least for spoons there is already a solution. 😁

Nachhaltige Plastikalternative