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Our certificates

We attach great importance to quality. But that's not enough for us: We have had our successes confirmed with certificates to create transparency. We say no to greenwashing! All our awards are available for download below.

IFS Broker Zertifikat Auszeichnung

The IFS Broker is an international quality standard that assesses and certifies the quality of our supply chain from procurement to distribution. Globalization means that raw materials and products are being sourced from increasingly complex sources. Through this award, we ensure the safety and quality of all our food and products for our trading partners and customers. We are constantly working on the optimization of our processes and are thus proud to have been awarded the IFS Broker.

Zertifikat green brand Auszeichnung

Due to our approach to sustainable circular economy, we were awarded the GREEN BRAND seal of approval .This certificate is an international seal at EU level for environmentally sustainable brands. With this, our products, as well as Spoontainable as a company, are distinguished as sustainable.

Zertifikat Klimaneutral Auszeichnung

The CO2 emissions for our entire production process as well as all other emissions generated by our company are offset. The Climatepartner organization calculates and guarantees our CO2 compensation based on the guidelines of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. With our climate-neutral products, we are currently supporting a wind energy project in Brazil. Our CO2 compensation can be tracked here .